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Refsworld Yapalong 4000 Referee Kit 3 unit Zoom

Refsworld Yapalong 4000 Referee Kit 3 unit

Referee Communication Kit


Make a difference to your game. Once you have used these you will never want to referee a game without them.
Add up to 8 users & unlimited listeners 
Battery lasts over 8 hours use all day if required Encrypted transmissions
High sound quality Lightweight, compact Warranty Period unit – 1 year from date of purchase, 

3 x Radio Units
3 x Premium Refsworld Armholders
3 x Recharge USB kits
3 x Yapalong Boom - Mic II Headsets (Pictured)
1 x Plastic Carry Case

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Product Description


3 x Radio Units
3 x Premium Refsworld Armholders
3 x Recharge USB kits
3 x Yapalong Boom - Mic II Headsets (Pictured)
1 x Plastic Carry Case

Industry Canada certification, IC: 6695A-4000

Key features:

- Up to 8 users & unlimited listeners
- Up to 300-meter line-of-sight range
- Encrypted transmissions
- High sound quality
- Lightweight, compact

Technical specifications:

Radio technology:
915-928 MHz unlicensed ISM band
Auto channel selection

Free frequency channels: 3

Wireless network:
peer-to-peer, no-master

Digital modulation: FSK

Power: 27 dBM

Dimensions: 179 x 64 x 22mm

Weight (exclude headset): 125 g


Li-Polymer 3.7V (1700mA) rechargeable
Fully charged battery lasts over 8 hours

Premium quality Head Set:


Speaker: 10ohm, 123dB @ 1KHz, 200Hz to 5,500Hz (IEC216)
Microphone: 2.2Kohm, -54dB @ 1KHz, 50Hz to 16,000Hz
Cable Type: PU 2.5mm, 6 Core

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Refsworld


Game changerReview by Alessandro
Ease of use
I was lucky enough to use this kit for coaching new referees and in a cup tie as referee.
It was impressive how easy it is to communicate and how clear everything is.
My ARs in my cup match were stoked with how much value this comms system added to our game.
Even in windy situations there was no problem communicating.
Also very comfortable and natural to wear.
Simply brilliant! (Posted on 25/05/16)
Game changerReview by Andrew
Ease of use
Until now, the use of communication equipment has been the exclusive realm of professional or semi-professional football. High end communication gear has been prohibitively expensive for the average referee and so most of us wouldn't even consider it. The new line of comms from Refsworld changes that. While clearly not in the same realm of quality as the more expensive professional Vokkero line, at around ¼ of the cost, it brings on-field communication into the hands of the serious amateur.

I received the Refsworld “Yapalong” 3 unit kit around 6 weeks back and so far I am amazed how much it changes the game. As someone who loves to actively communicate with my assistant referees, it adds new dimensions to our ability to work as a team. It allows the team to:
• Coordinate who watches what at set plays
• Alert each other about developing situations
• Hear what is said to players and coaches by other officials
• To encourage each other
• Banter when the ball is out of play!

From the moment we all walk out with the sets clearly visible, it changes the perception of coaches and players about what we are there to do. Every game so far, there have been moments where the comms caused us to catch things that might have been missed and to work more effectively as a team.

Some of my ARs were sceptical. They considered it “overkill for a State League match”. Why would I spend that much money as a local referee?

Without exception, every one of them has walked off the park and said how brilliant it was to have the comms.

The gear means that you need to change some aspects of your pre-match briefing, especially if you are working with assistants who have never used comms before. You will learn within a few matches what you need to cover with them. I tend to emphasise:
1. The need for unambiguous statements (e.g. “foul TO red” rather than simply “foul red”)
2. The need for active flag signals for fouls as per normal.
3. The need to speak clearly
4. The need to keep the communication sharp when the ball is in play.

The basic gear provides clear audio, but I highly recommend spending the extra money and getting the boom mics. They are much clearer than the included lapel mics and they look better as well. A small piece of clear medical tape on the cable and another on the boom ensure that they stay firmly in place.

The one situation where I have found the comms struggled was very windy conditions. Even with the mic sensitivity adjusted well, the wind played havoc with the audio making the ARs hard to understand.

Overall a brilliant piece of gear.

At only a little more expensive than signal flags, they do so much more and are great value for money. Want to take your game further?
You should seriously consider whether this might be the tool for you. It’s a big investment but I'm convinced it was worth it. (Posted on 31/08/15)
Surprised by the simplicity and no need to press a button.Review by Malcolm
Ease of use
Had my the (center ref) bring a set of these along for a Cup match.

I must say I was a little tentative, thought it was a little overkill for a match at my level.
Setting them us was pretty easy, he turned them on and we popped them on, hardest part was feeding the head piece through my uniform.

Once done I forgot it was there. Head set was secured with some tape and stayed n place for the whole game.

The look on the players was fantastic, it pumped them up a little when they saw the headsets, they thought it gave the refs an extra element of professionalism,

Once we started I could not believe how much better the communication was between all of us. I could hear the referee all the time and also the other AR.

It helped me know how the ref was officiating and what he was saying during the game

At first I had to be promoted to speak, as an AR i do not speak during the game. The ref was very good at constantly checking with me and guiding me with decisions before we made them, like tight throw in corners etc.

The second half was much better, I got used to talking, made subs and issues I had with the bench very good too.

The referee at one stage noticed the manager out of the technical, he told me next opportunity I had to ask him to remain in it. When I approached the bench at the next stoppage I told the manager to remain in the area, he came back with "you couldn't have seen me lino" and I said " no, but he did, pointing to the ref), hes say down. GOLD
I loved using these radios, it made me feel a part of the game and had an absolute ball.

Only downside for me is the cost, need to do a few more games before I can afford them.

Great piece of Kit (Posted on 8/03/15)

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