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2 Game trial offer, if you are not 100% satisfied with this sensational product return it within 14 days for a *FULL REFUND
Crystal Clear Sound Quality
Full Duplex Referee Communication System (Hands Free Communication).
Automatic Noise Reduction

Super Lightweight/Compact Design.
Encrypted Transmission.
Waterproof (IP65).
12+ Hours of battery Life (850mA).
800-meter line-of-sight range.
1 Year return to Refsworld Warranty.

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Product Description


Full Duplex Referee Communication System (Hands Free Communication)
Clear & Safe Sound Quality (Automatic Noise Reduction)
Super Lightweight/Compact Design
Encrypted Transmission
Waterproof (IP65)
12+ Hours of battery Life (850mA)
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Up to 800-meter line-of-sight range
1 Year return to Refsworld Warranty

Radios can be paired to each other without frequency restrictions, you can take these units overseas and use in any country, pair them up with same units anywhere around the world. Unlike the Yapalong and Vokkero radios where the units will only work properly in the country these were produced for.
*Offer of full refund must have the equipment in an undamaged and resalable condition

3 Radio Receivers
3 Armbands
3 USB Charging Cables
3 RCS Boom Microphones
1 USB Charger
1 Carry Case for above

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Refsworld


Revolution in CommunicationReview by Karl
Ease of use
The new Refsworld Communication System, simply put, is an outstanding piece of equipment. It doesn't, and shouldn't, change the way you referee but enhances the communication not only between yourself and your assistants but also the benches too, through clear and precise conversation. As a standalone communication kit, for any semi-professional official, this is a game-changer and massive step-up from buzzer-flags without breaking the bank.

*Quality and Ease of use*

The modules are made from a sturdy plastic and have a refined finish to them. They really do not have the feel about them that they were merely bolted together in a factory and shipped on mass. The buttons aren't harsh to touch, are easily pressed and depressed and their functions are clear to the user. On first use, it was also quite evident that the set was splash-proof from rain, varying from hammering down to a light drizzle for a good 45 minutes and this was the case for all three sets.

The headset is easily applied, secured and once connected to a module the sound is clear and crisp. The earpiece is not harsh on your ear either with lovely ear-pads to cushion your ear when being used. My only criticism is that the boom mic joint isn't quite stiff enough and I have had issues with it dropping down when running at speed.

The arm-bands are brilliant; whether you have skinny, toned or larger arms, there is more than enough strong velcro to secure the band in place and on first use I didn't even think about it slipping down the arm. Additionally, the pouch in the arm-band makes the module inside it snug and doesn't catch on any of the buttons (so long as you aren't intentionally rough with it).

The chargers are simple 3.5mm jack that can either be charged via a USB wall socket, charger, or desktop computer or laptop. The charge time is approximately 20-25 minutes after a single game which is modest and isn't very time-consuming.

The carry case is also very sturdy, easy to hold and carry and waterproof to a light drizzle and heavy rain. There is, however, a size issue with the carry case; it is either too small with the compartments, for which I can only see three distinct function compartments for the [potentially] four modules, armbands and charger cables, or it is not deep enough to store all the equipment contained in the case. Firstly, module compartment is too large and takes up double the room it needs to store the modules. Secondly, armband compartment is too small to hold up to four armbands and I have to press down hard to stuff three armbands in. Thirdly, there is no distinct compartment to keep the headsets in and I am concerned that at some point I may accidentally crush one or more of them closing the case. Finally, there is a small compartment on the top right-hand side of the case that doesn't have a stand-out function in the case and I feel is wasted.

*Price and Value*

The price, compared with units such as the Vokkero Squadra, which costs up to 5 times as much as this kit, it is a breath of fresh air. The professional kits are understandably well out of the reach of the vast majority of officials, however, with this kit, it makes the choice between either buzzer flags or a communications kit a very real decision for the first time in the history of football officiating. £465 (at the time of purchase 21/09/17) is an unbelievable price to pay for a tool that changes the way you communicate effectively across the length and breadth of the pitch.


Overall, this kit is incredible. It mixes quality, price, value and ease of use really nicely and adds a level of professionalism and parity to all three official's games that just didn't exist before at the lower levels of football. There are teething problems, such as the carry case, however, these will almost certainly be sorted out as time goes on. I cannot recommend buying this kit enough, for the first time in refereeing history, the choice between buzzer flags and a communications kit has never been harder. (Posted on 22/11/17)
AmazingReview by Kent
Ease of use
I have the same system from US vendor.
Product is well worth the expense.
I have used on serious games with two top ARs and these are a game changer.
The 3 officials can have a laugh, call all the fouls and give a commentary on the fouls allowing the referee to manage the game.
The other night I had to send a coach from the technical area and all three of us heard exactly what the coach said. Our reports were almost identical and this was because of comms.
The REFSWORLD package has a carry case which looks like a great addition to the overseas packages and the price is great value. (Posted on 12/08/17)
Touch of ProfessionalismReview by Brad
Ease of use
The Refsworld Communication System instantly adds a touch of professionalism to any game.
With clubs and players starting to become more professional, as referees so do we, and this is perfect for that.
The system allows you to be consistent communication contact with your fellow team members which keeps the concentration levels at peak levels.
As sensitive as the microphone is which allows perfect communication, everything the whistle blows you do not hear it.
This is the perfect system for any referee who is wanting to take the next step in their career as well as enhancing the match day experience for the referee (Posted on 26/06/17)
Thoroughly impressedReview by Jim
Ease of use
I was fortunate to test the new communication equipment from Refsworld as a referee on a game last weekend.
Along with my two assistants, it was very easy to turn on the three units and get them to sync with one another.
Once synced it was simply a matter of placing each unit its own pouch and attaching, via Velcro straps, to each referee’s arm.
Cord with ear piece then connects to the unit and once placed correctly into the ear, clear medical grade tape can then be used to make sure the ear piece is secured.
Refsworld advised that not everyone needs tape and that it dependant in each individual’s ear.
I used tape seeing this was the first time using the system.

Once out on the field, the system was flawless. The referee team could hear each other crystal clear without any interference.
Even blowing the whistle did not affect the assistant referees.
Running around the pitch the unit felt secured and the earpiece did not create any issues. Most of the time I didn’t even know I was wearing it.

Having not used communications equipment before during a match I can honestly say it makes life easier on the field.
Previously having to rely on cryptic hand signals, eye to eye contact or even use of flag, the ability to be in constant voice contact with the referee team makes a difficult job a lot easier.
It won’t avoid referee making mistakes but it could avoid situations where there is confusion between a referee and his assistant/s.
Overall much better communication within the referee team.
Thoroughly impressed!

Each unit is small enough and does not seem uncomfortable on the arm, even after a full game.
Cannot say how long the battery lasts but its more than 120 minutes. (Posted on 26/06/17)

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